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A footnote on Calendar sales, ESPECIALLY volume calendar sales

If youre looking for any quantity of calendars over just one or two or three please consider ordering direct here.

Ive had a terrible time the last 5, 6, 7 years of retailers just not restocking when somebody purchases four, five or six calendars even sometimes all the calendars they see on a display rack. Please loe to send these to friends and family everywhere. In the thick of the busy season the retailers dont see that and we all lose sales and the customers get frustrated at not being able to find them especially when Ive directed them to specific stores and the calendars arent where the calendar should be.

Please do ask each retailer in advance if they have any volume if thats your hope, because this year time of year its just impossible to know who’s going to need what in any given hour and 90% of the retailers DONT call me for re-orders, I have to catch it and I at this point Im just so beat down from the whole process I cant be everywhere, but Im still trying.

For those that do you want volume to pick up, the best bet are the two mall kiosk stores in Santa Rosa, or Corricks on fourth Street is always great about keeping them in stock. The Whole Foods stores other than Cotati I dont think I have the calendar, both UPS stores in Rohnert Park are out, UPS in Healdsburg and on Fulton Road dont not have them, Andys Market doesnt have them, Kozlowski Farms is closed, Whole Foods doesnt, Barnes and Noble doesnt.... hope that helps a bit.

Ill know more later after tomorrows ( 12-13-19 ) rounds, but before you procrastinators ( like me ) who need a handful of these for your late shopping gifts, please just call my cell phone direct is the best 328-3486 or call the retailer of your choice in advance. Its crunch time and this is a notorious time for people not being able to find the calendars theyre looking for the last-minute purchases.

thanks much


The retail sales order form is here

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