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The long running Sonoma County retail product line has been around in some form since 1984 with the establishment of a 7" x 5" postcard book and the individual post cards of Sonoma County. This was created right in the thick of that winters flooding. During clean up, I decided to add a vellum sheet too the inside first page of the books, and in hindsight... it was a very long process, I signed and numbered all 5,000 copies of the post card book!

Many years later I started offering this personalization to the post card sets brought out in 2018 and the series of 8.5" x 5.5 mini books published over the last 8 years.

The card sets can have a vellum sheet printed in color with whatever a client might want, logos, names, websites, etc and have the vellum sheet instead in the front or back or inside the card stock envelope enclosure. Some clients find just slipping a business card into the enclosure is sufficient, though this more elaborate personalization is available.

The same is true with the mini books for the vellum sheet, it can be adhered with clear adhesive tape to the inside first page to the the first thing a viewer sees upon opening the book.

This is available for the Sonoma County volume 2 mini book, the Coast and Redwoods or Wine Road mini books as well.

Please inquire if interested.

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