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Collage posters!!...... why not!..... 18" x 24" posters with a unique 43 scene layout ( 40 border images and 3 main center images ) of the best of the best story-telling imagery that defines the majestic, themes of Sonoma County!.... and in line with the traditional Janover way of not doing things normal...... why not make these DOUBLE-SIDED POSTERS!!

$14.95 retail!!!!

posters posters

so there you have it, 86-photographic scene posters with different color backgrounds and different images on each side.... enjoy one side for 6 month's then flip it over and enjoy the other side with completely different scenes and background color, all within the same tremendous themes of Sonoma County!!

OR.... why not get one of each and frame them side by side!.... or maybe a blue background Coast poster, right next to a blue background River poster, to color coordinate and complement each other!!

posters posters


Sonoma's Pacific Coastline

The Russian River

( currently available )

and designs being finished on:

Sonoma Wine Country

Sonoma's Coast Redwoods

And for a limited time.... posters can be supplied framed!... select frames are available as shown, with one poster represented for each of the Coast and River posters, showing the different colors in the various available frames.



The retail sales order form is here

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