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True Images
Robert Janover

phone & fax 707.869.3822

I pride myself on producing some of the most diversely compelling images I can come up with, including both traditional film and more recently with the digital cameras now available.

With no formal photography training, I've developed a style that knows no limitations...the digital work has opened that up a million fold...unfortunately there are only some many hours in the day for the creativity, though I did allow myself to just go with it allot this year....here are two separate groupings, showcasing the range of my work.

The "Analog Gallery":

traditional film photographs or images shot with a digital camera, though creatively manipulated in-camera for the desired results.

The "Digital Gallery"

images creatively manipulated with Photoshop for the desired results.

True Images
Robert Janover

Phone/fax 707-869-3822

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