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Below are some of the same ole same ole items that have been on here for some time.

All the below info is still relevant.... just add 4 years!... with the 2017 fires 4 seasons ago, right in the thick of the holiday season and calendar selling season, things like updating this web site fell thru the cracks.

Fall of 2018 was another heart-wrenching fire event that filled Sonoma County skies with smoke for weeks.... DURING THAT 2019 CALENDAR PRODUCTION AND SELLING, and for 2020 calendar production at the end of October 2019 into November The Kincade fire swept thru 77,000 acres of Sonoma County in addition to massive power shut-offs and a historic evacuation...so again little details on this web site aren't real important in the big picture of things, and yet this guy still need to make a creative living in the 35 years of this unlikely pursuit! Throw in the 28 days of evacuation from an even closer fire with the Walbridge fire of August 2020, so forgive the dated references below, it gets the points across, I hope :)


About The Photographer


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staring right into the computer's eye that was building the 2017 calendar series.

Born in San Francisco in the sixties and influenced from Sonoma County from the very first days, Robert Janover has achieved varying degrees of success in the difficult pursuit of a free-lancing photographer. Robert is the publisher, art director, and editor of his own True Images Photography business, a company producing beautiful retail products locally, regionally and nationally, out of Sonoma County for the last twenty-five years.

Beginning with a small line of notecards in 1986, Robert has persisted in producing high quality products through the years that include a postcard book of Sonoma County with an accompanying postcard line, a note card line, a Northern California Coastline poster and to date 55 uniquely formatted calendars have been produced, including 23 years of Sonoma County photo and event calendars, and a series with Landmark Calendars. Calendars for Hewlett Packard and Redwood Credit Union have been produced as well as several calendars for KXFX, The Fox radio station here in Sonoma County. Hundreds and hundreds of North Bay business have used Robert Janovers products and services.

National and international clients have included: Chevron Products USA, AMEX, Windham Hill Records, Landmark Calendars, Agilent Technologies, Enigma-Capitol Records, Pacific Bell, Audi, etc.

In the summer of '99 Robert released a comprehensive photo book showcasing Sonoma County. Within the book were 350+ photographs of Sonoma County landscapes, architecture and historical buildings... though the original book is now out of print, a follow-up Sonoma County hardcover book was released in the Fall of 2011... a quintessential 750 photograph compilation book of all everything wonderful about Sonoma County Ca! UNFORTUNATELY MOST OF THE BOOKS WERE LOST IN THE FLOOD OF FEBRUARY 2019, but this was the link to info about it: Please see the book page at: http://www.robertjanover.com/sonoma_hardcover.html

A line of blank scenic notecards was produced in the summer of 2003 and featured 16 images in the 5" x 7" format, and expanded upon in the Spring of '06 for a total of 43 beautiful Sonoma County cards, which are still available in select retailers, and new ones are being considered for Spring 2017.

The Sonoma County Calendar, mini-picture books and cards are available at retailers throughout the county or directly at the address or phone # below, or via e-mail at janover@sonic.net. Robert continues to design and produce color printed literature for the businesses of the North Bay. Stock photos are available as are arranged photo assignments.

Janover is adding to the series of Mini Books, first started with the very popular Sonoma County Mini Book in 2002. Three additional books are now available, to compliment Volume 2 of the original Sonoma County mini that came out in December 2014.

True Images
Robert Janover

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