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There had been a Janover Sonoma County large format book available for 20 years, up until 2019 when the February flood changed everything. So while regrouping over these last very involved years, inquiries kept coming in about a book. I had made a massive effort to save so much product and a batch of the books were saved, albeit some of the dust jacket covers were damaged, and some are in boxes and crates I need to rediscover and just havent had it in me with all else thats been going on, pandemic, fires, etc etc.


But now is the time, so recovering the books that were saved will happen this weekend with the replacement dust jacket and orders will resume October 18th, 2021, with select retailers received some, but very limited copies.

There are somewhere between 100 and 200 of these, and the picking thru and gathering for selling the best of the best of these that water nor smoke affected over these years will begin the weekend of October 16th, 2021, with orders available beginning October 18th, 2021.

The book has been added back to the order form.

These are the previous details I had to describe the book for many years:

This 104-page hardcover book featured a dazzling array of gorgeous photos representing the heart and soul of Sonoma County.

104-pages, regular retail is $26.95, 12" x 9" hardcover format.

ISBN# 9781890443528

Library of Congress Control Number: 2010931020


Creative Table of Contents page.



I designed a section of 6 pages called "What Sonoma County Means to Me..." and gathered 36 Sonoma County notable residents to answer this within 70 words, that is accentuated on the accompanying page by a collection of sepia-toned photos.

notables quoted include:

John Ash (master chef)

Richard Arrowood (renowned winemaker)

Jack Blades (songwriter/musician)

Beth Costa (Wine Road)

Brent Farris (radio personality)

Bill Lynch (Sonoma Index Tribune)

Michelle Anna Jordan (writer)

Nick Frey (Sonoma Co. Winegrape Commission)

Ben Stone (So Co Economic Development Board)

Clare Harris (Johnsons Beach - businessman)

Saralee Kunde (wine personality, grape grower)

Michele Luna (Exec Dir Stewards of the Coast & Redwoods)

Catherine DePrima (Macys, and former So. Co Film Commissioner, So. Co. Tourism - PR)

Peter Lang (proprietor, Safari West)

Debra Giusti (founder Harmony Festival)

John Sawyer (long-time SR retailer, City Council, former SR Mayor)

Louis Foppiano (100-year old, winery founder)

Kay Marquet (past Chops, Teen Center ED, past President So. Co. Community Foundation)

Paul Jaffe (Copperfields books co-founder)

Betsy Fischer (food & wine authority)

36 notables in total covering a wide gaumet of local personality flavor, with their own take on what Sonoma County maens to them.


The 95-wineries included in the 48" double gate-fold spread

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